Consultancy in criminal matters

In terms of consulting, we have been characterized for advising not only individuals, but also in favor of the authority that required it.

Guidance for victims of crime

In the counseling of victims, we take all necessary steps to ensure that the perpetrator of his rights does not go unpunished and repair all the damage, we also influence in all stages and procedures in which there is a right, action or recourse available for the victim.

Criminal Defense

In Pablo Hernández-Romo & Flores we understand that the State is a giant in front of the accused, that is why our involvement in criminal defense is characterized by excellence, so that any right that the defendant has is valid and respected throughout the process. Our criminal defense service includes the defense of all persons investigated, accused, prosecuted or sentenced in the alleged commission of crimes, as we have experience in the different stages of the criminal procedure and process. The office provides its services in the different stages that characterize criminal matters in our country.